The Man In Space Dictionary : With Useful 1900 terms of Astronomy.

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The Man in Space Dictionary, edited by Martin Caidin, is a useful guide that explores the adventurous realm of human space exploration. This reference book is designed to be accessible to everyone interested in learning about the people, technology, and achievements that have shaped our journey beyond Earth. At its heart, the dictionary captures the excitement and challenges of space travel. It covers a wide range of topics, from the early pioneers of spaceflight to the cutting-edge technologies used in modern missions. Each entry in the dictionary provides insights into the astronauts, engineers, scientists, and spacecraft that have contributed to our understanding of space.

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Martin Caidin

Martin Caidin, the editor of this authoritative work, brings together a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Known for his insightful writing on aviation and space exploration, Caidin ensures that the “Man in Space Dictionary” not only informs but also inspires readers with stories of courage, innovation, and discovery.

Dictionary's Methods

The man in space dictionary is organized alphabetically, making it easy to navigate and explore different aspects of space exploration. Whether you are curious about the first human missions into space, the intricacies of spacecraft design, or the challenges of living and working in space, you will find detailed explanations and historical context within its pages.

One of the dictionary’s key strengths is its focus on the human aspect of space exploration. It profiles the astronauts who have ventured beyond Earth’s atmosphere, detailing their training, missions, and personal experiences. These stories offer a glimpse into the lives of individuals who have pushed the boundaries of human achievement and expanded our horizons into the cosmos.

Importance of The Man in space dictionary

The advent of the era of man in space has seen the development of a whole new astronautical vocabulary. In this invaluable reference work, a noted aerospace writer presents authoritative definitions and clear, non-technical explanations of almost 1,900 terms important to the science and technology of manned space flight. By making clear these fascinating special words and phrases and the concepts behind each of them, The Man-In- Space Dictionary opens up to the reader an understanding of the most revolutionary development of our time, the freeing of man from his planet to embark upon the exploration of space.

Entries of The Man in Space Dictionary

Ranging from concise definitions to more extensive coverage as appropriate, the entries included in The Man-In-Space Dictionary are drawn from many different categories. Terms that involve the physiological aspects of aerospace medicine are obviously important. Many of the instrumented, unmanned satellites which have been placed in orbit or sent on deep-space probes, are included, since the data they return from their robot studies affect directly the conduct of manned expeditions to follow.

The mechanics of space flight and of certain aspects of atmospheric flight are also covered, as well as those terms of rocket engineering which the participant in any manned space venture encounters constantly in his activities. There are also terms relating to astronomy and to lunar and planetary study, in their relationships to manned space efforts.

Technical entries

In addition to celebrating the achievements of astronauts, the “Man in Space Dictionary” also examines the technological advancements that have made space exploration possible. It explains the principles of rocket propulsion, spacecraft navigation, life support systems, and other critical components of space missions. Each technical entry is presented in clear language, ensuring that readers with varying levels of expertise can grasp the concepts.

Historical record of humanity's progress in space

Moreover, the dictionary serves as a historical record of humanity’s progress in space. It chronicles milestones such as the first human in space, the moon landings, space station missions, and the exploration of other planets and celestial bodies. By documenting these achievements, the dictionary highlights the collective efforts of nations and individuals who have collaborated in the pursuit of space exploration.

Educational value of The man in space dictionary

For educators and students alike, the “Man in Space Dictionary” is an invaluable resource for learning about science, technology, engineering, and history. Its entries provide educational insights into the principles of physics and astronomy, as well as the interdisciplinary nature of space exploration. Teachers can use it to enrich classroom discussions and inspire the next generation of space enthusiasts. Beyond its educational value, the dictionary also appeals to anyone with a curiosity about the wonders of space. Whether you are a lifelong space enthusiast or someone newly intrigued by the possibilities of exploration beyond Earth, the “Man in Space Dictionary” offers a captivating journey through the achievements, challenges, and discoveries of human spaceflight.


In conclusion, the “Man in Space Dictionary” edited by Martin Caidin is more than just a reference book—it is a tribute to the spirit of exploration and the ingenuity of the human mind. Through its pages, readers can embark on a comprehensive exploration of space exploration history, technology, and the courageous individuals who have ventured into the cosmos. Clearly and concisely worded, usung a minimum of technical language consistent with accuracy, and supplemented with over 200 excellent photographs and line drawings, The Man In space Dictionary is a book that everyone interested in astronautics and the exploration of space will find constantly useful and a valuable addition to his permanent library.

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