Monster Girl Encyclopedia: Unique Mythical Splendour of 2 worlds.

Monster Girl Encyclopedia

The Monster Girl Encyclopedia is a series of illustrated reference books that delve into a fantastical world where mythical creatures are depicted as female humanoids with various supernatural traits. Created by Kenkou Cross, these encyclopedias provide detailed descriptions, artwork, and lore about each monster girl species, blending elements of fantasy, mythology, and anime-inspired art. The “Monster Girl Encyclopedia” series consists of two main volumes, each packed with detailed entries on various monster girls, along with illustrations and lore.

Monster Girl Encyclopedia

Monster Girl Encyclopedia I.

The first volume introduces readers to the world of monster girls, providing detailed descriptions and vivid illustrations of over 100 different species. Each entry includes information about the monster girl’s appearance, abilities, habitat, and personality traits. The book also sets the stage for the overarching lore and mythology of the series, explaining the world where humans and monster girls coexist.

Monster Girl Encyclopedia II

Monster Girl Encyclopedia II: The second volume expands on the foundation laid by the first, introducing new species of monster girls and delving deeper into the lore of the world. This volume continues to provide detailed entries with intricate illustrations, adding more complexity to the relationships and interactions between humans and monster girls. It also explores new regions and cultures within the fantasy setting, enriching the reader’s understanding of this imaginative universe.

Both volumes are known for their high-quality artwork and extensive world-building, making them popular among fans of fantasy, mythology, and anime-inspired art.

Themes of Monster Girl Encyclopedia

The “Monster Girl Encyclopedia” is notable for its creative world-building, combining elements of folklore with contemporary storytelling to create an immersive and engaging experience. While the content is often lighthearted and whimsical, it also explores themes of love, acceptance, and the blending of different cultures and species in a fantastical setting.

Entries of Monster Girl Encyclopedia

Each entry in the encyclopedias includes information on the monster girl’s appearance, abilities, habitat, and behavior, often emphasizing romantic or sensual relationships between humans and these fantastical beings. The series has garnered a dedicated following for its unique and imaginative take on traditional monster mythology, offering a rich tapestry of stories and characters that capture the interest of fantasy enthusiasts and anime fans alike.

Variety of Monster Girls:

The first volume introduces a wide array of monster girls, ranging from common mythical creatures like Succubus and harpies to more unique beings such as slime girls and insecticides. The second volume expands the roster with even more diverse and imaginative monster girl species. It includes rare and exotic beings like sea serpents, dragon girls, and even celestial creatures.

It presents a world where various monster girls exist, each with their own unique traits, backgrounds, and interactions with humans. The entries highlight their alluring and often seductive nature, emphasizing both their strengths and weaknesses. Continuing from the first volume, the new entries provide comprehensive details about each new monster girl. This includes in-depth looks at their unique powers, behaviors, and physical characteristics that set them apart from those in the first volume.

Here’s a broad overview of some of the entries:


Alraune are Plant-based monster girls with a flower-like appearance. They lure humans with their sweet scent. They can manipulate plants and often live in dense forests or magical gardens. They are Known for their seductive nature and nurturing tendencies. They often care for injured or lost travelers.


Succubus’s are Iconic monster girls that thrive on sexual energy. They have bat-like wings, horns, and a seductive appearance. They are highly skilled in seduction and dream manipulation. They are actively seeking human partners to satisfy their need for spiritual energy.


Mermaids are Aquatic monster girls with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a fish. They are excellent swimmers with the ability to control water to some extent. They are Often found in oceans, rivers, and lakes. They sing enchanting songs to lure sailors.


Centaurs are Half-human, half-horse monster girls known for their strength and speed. They are skilled warriors and archers, often seen wielding weapons like bows and lances. They live in plains and open fields. They value honor and strength in their partners.


Lamias are serpent-like monster girls with the lower body of a snake. They possess incredible strength and the ability to constrict their prey. They live in warm climates, often in caves or ruins. They are known for their possessive nature towards their chosen partners.


Harpies are bird-like monster girls with wings and talons, often depicted with human torsos. They are swift fliers and excellent hunters, capable of manipulating wind currents. They are found in mountains and high places. They enjoy the thrill of the hunt and are fiercely protective of their nests.


Vampires are elegant monster girls with a thirst for blood. Often depicted with gothic attire and fangs. They possess enhanced strength, speed, and the ability to transform into bats. They reside in castles or mansions. They are known for their aristocratic demeanor and preference for nocturnal activities.


Werewolves are Beastly monster girls with a mix of human and wolf features, including fur, claws, and sometimes a tail. They Enhanced senses, strength, and agility. Werewolves are typically found in forests and rural areas. They form tight-knit packs and are known for their loyalty and protective nature.


Slimes are amorphous monster girls made of a gelatinous substance. They can change their shape at will. They are highly adaptable and resilient. They can dissolve and absorb various substances. They are often found in damp environments like swamps and caves. They enjoy playfully enveloping their partners.


Dragons are Powerful monster girls with draconic features such as scales, wings, and tails. They possess immense strength, magical abilities, and the power to breathe fire. They Live in remote, mountainous areas. They are proud and often hoard treasures. Forming a bond with a dragon is a challenging but rewarding endeavor.

These entries provide a glimpse into the diverse and imaginative world of the Monster Girl Encyclopedia, highlighting the unique characteristics and behaviors of each type of monster girl. Each monster girl is given a detailed description, covering their physical appearance, special abilities, and distinctive traits.


The encyclopedia explores the diverse environments where these monster girls reside. This includes forests, mountains, caves, and even urban areas, each habitat tailored to the specific needs and preferences of the different species. Volume 2 explores new and more exotic locales, including underwater kingdoms, enchanted forests, and other mystical realms. Each habitat description enriches the reader’s understanding of the monster girls’ ecosystems and how they thrive in their respective environments.

Human Interactions

The interactions between humans and monster girls are a central theme. The entries delve into the complex relationships that form, often focusing on romantic and sometimes adversarial encounters. The dynamics of these interactions vary greatly depending on the species involved. The sequel delves deeper into the complex dynamics between humans and monster girls. It explores a wider range of interactions, including more nuanced and multifaceted relationships. The stories often highlight the integration of monster girls into human societies and the challenges and benefits that arise from such interactions.

Enriching Lore and Stories

Volume 1 establishes a rich lore, weaving intricate stories that link the various monster girls and their world. This foundational volume sets the stage for deeper exploration in the subsequent volume. Volume 2 builds on the lore established in the first book, introducing new narratives and expanding existing ones. The stories further elaborate on the monster girl world’s history, culture, and social structures, creating a more immersive and interconnected universe. This volume also introduces new mythologies and legends, enriching the overall tapestry of the Monster Girl Encyclopedia series.


The Monster Girl Encyclopedia opens a portal into a vibrant and fantastical world where myth and allure intertwine with imagination. Through its richly detailed entries, we encounter a diverse array of monster girls, each possessing unique traits, backgrounds, and relationships with humans. More than just a compendium of mythical beings, the Monster Girl Encyclopedia explores themes of identity, desire, and the complexities of relationships in a world where humans and monsters coexist. It challenges conventional notions of monsters by portraying them not merely as creatures to be feared but as individuals with their own desires, cultures, and societies.

The Monster Girl Encyclopedia stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of mythical creatures and the boundless creativity of its creator, Kenkou Cross. It invites readers to delve deeper into a world where monsters and humans share not only space but also complex relationships, forging connections that transcend mere fantasy to resonate with deeper truths about the human experience itself.

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