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Eagle dreams carried various meanings, often linked to the dreamer’s circumstances and aspirations. Eagle stands out for its powerful imagery and rich symbolism. All the birds come under air images; the eagle is their lord and master. Like the lion in the forest, he proves himself a royal animal. In Egypt and European antiquity, he was the symbol of royalty and divinity.


The eagle forms part of the arms of the United States. Colloquial French says of a remarkable man that he is an eagle. The eagle was the symbol of John the Baptist, the most mystical of the prophets: it may therefore also correspond to the light of the spirit. The eagle in dreams corresponds, therefore, to a will for conquest, power, and domination.  

The Symbolism of Eagles in Dreams

A Woman Dreaming of Several Eagles: Will Have a Famous Son

Eagles have often been symbols of power and leadership. In many traditions, dreaming of eagles indicated that one’s offspring would be strong, influential, and renowned. The eagle in dreams corresponds, therefore, to a will to conquest, power and domination. And in this capacity it can be a sign of triumph and generally show itself to be positive. It is masculine.

If a woman dreams of an eagle, this undoubtedly means the child she is hoping for. Dreaming of several eagles can be an auspicious sign indicating that she will have a son who will achieve fame and distinction. This dream suggests a legacy of greatness and recognition.

An Eagle Flying: Good Fortune Ahead

In ancient mythology, the eagle was often associated with the gods, especially Zeus in Greek mythology, symbolizing divine favor and protection. Eagle dreams soaring high in the sky is a powerful symbol of good fortune and success. In many cultures, the eagle represents freedom, vision, and power. Seeing an eagle flying can indicate that you are on the right path and that success is within reach. A flying eagle could signify that you are being guided and supported by higher powers.

Killing an Eagle: Wealth and Unhindered Success

Killing an eagle was seen as a feat of bravery and skill, symbolizing victory over formidable challenges. If you dream of killing an eagle, it can be interpreted as a sign of imminent wealth and the removal of obstacles from your path. This dream suggests that you have the strength and determination to overcome challenges and achieve your goals. This dream could indicate that you will triumph over significant hurdles in your life.

A Dead Eagle: Expect Money Losses

In ancient times, the death of a powerful animal like an eagle was often seen as an ill omen, indicating loss and misfortune.  Dreaming of a dead eagle is a warning sign of potential financial losses or setbacks. This dream suggests that you should be cautious with your investments and avoid taking unnecessary risks. This dream urges you to be vigilant and prepare for possible financial difficulties.

Being Attacked by an Eagle: Expect Many Difficulties

An attacking eagle could symbolize enemies or forces beyond your control trying to bring you down.  If you dream of being attacked by an eagle, it indicates that you may face significant challenges and adversities in your life. This dream serves as a reminder to stay strong and resilient in the face of difficulties.

A Wounded Eagle: Loss in Love Affairs

A wounded eagle represents a powerful bond that has been damaged. In many traditions, this would indicate that one needs to heal and address the issues causing the rift. Dreaming of a wounded eagle can symbolize trouble in your romantic relationships. This dream suggests that you might experience heartache or difficulties in your love life.

An Eagle High Up on a Statue: Realizing High Ambitions

Statues were often erected to honor heroes and gods. An eagle on a statue symbolizes reaching great heights and achieving legendary status. Seeing an eagle perched high up on a statue in your dream signifies that you will achieve your lofty ambitions. This dream indicates that your hard work and dedication will be recognized and rewarded. This dream could indicate that you are on the path to achieving significant success.

An Eagle Perched on a Mountaintop: Fame and Money

The mountaintop represents the pinnacle of achievement, and an eagle perched there signifies reaching the highest levels of success and recognition. Dreaming of an eagle perched on a mountaintop is a powerful symbol of fame and financial success. This dream suggests that you will achieve prominence and wealth through your efforts. This dream foretells significant achievements and rewards.

Carrying an Eagle: Shame and Sorrow

Carrying a powerful and majestic bird like an eagle could symbolize carrying a heavy burden or facing a challenging responsibility. If you dream of carrying an eagle, it might symbolize shame and sorrow. This dream could suggest that you are burdened with responsibilities or guilt that is weighing you down. This dream might be a reminder to seek help and share your burdens.

Owning an Eagle: Honors and Business Profits

Owning an eagle could symbolize possessing great power and influence. In ancient times, only the most powerful individuals, such as kings or warriors, could claim such a symbol. Dreaming of owning an eagle signifies that you will receive honors and enjoy business success. This dream suggests that your efforts will be recognized, and you will achieve financial prosperity.

An Eagle Standing Up: Many Soldiers Will Die

An upright eagle ready for action might symbolize a call to arms or impending battle.  Dreaming of an eagle standing up can be a forewarning of conflict and loss. This dream might indicate upcoming strife or challenges that could result in significant losses. In historical contexts, such a dream could foretell wars or significant conflicts.

An Eagle Falling on You: Warning of Danger

An eagle falling from the sky would be seen as a dramatic and ominous sign. If you dream of an eagle falling on you, it serves as a warning of imminent danger. Eagle Dreams suggests that you should be cautious and prepared for potential threats or challenges. Such a dream could indicate that unforeseen dangers or challenges are approaching, urging the dreamer to be vigilant.

A Bald Eagle Dreams: Prominent Political Position

The bald eagle, especially in American symbolism, represents freedom, power, and leadership. Dreaming of a bald eagle might indicate that you will take on important roles that influence others. This dream suggests that you might rise to a significant political position or gain influence in leadership roles.


Eagle dreams, with their rich symbolism and ancient roots, offer a fascinating glimpse into our subconscious. They remind us of the cyclical nature of life, the importance of hard work, and the potential for unexpected blessings. By paying attention to these dreams and their meanings, we can gain valuable insights into our lives and better navigate the journey ahead. Embrace your eagle dreams, reflect on their messages, and let them guide you toward a future filled with understanding and fulfillment.

Eagle dreams featuring carry a wide range of meanings, deeply rooted in ancient traditions and beliefs. Whether it’s a sign of good fortune, a warning of challenges, or a symbol of future success, these dreams offer valuable insights into our lives. Understanding the symbolism of eagles in dreams can help us navigate our waking life with greater awareness and preparedness.

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