Don Budge

Don Budge American tennis player, who ranks among the greatest in tennis history. A big man with powerful strokes, he was king of the courts in 1937 and 1938. Imagine a time before the dominance of Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic. A time when achieving a Grand Slam was a seemingly impossible feat. Enter Don Budge, the powerful Californian who shattered expectations in 1938, becoming the first player to win all four major tennis championships in a single year. This is the story of his remarkable journey, from shy teenager to history-making champion.

Early Life of Don Budge

John Donald Budge. Don Budge was born in Oakland. Nicknamed “Donald the Red” because of the color of his hair. That was until the arrival of John Don Budge from California. Budge could have been British. He was the son of a former professional footballer in the Scottish League.


He almost shunned tennis in his early days. Brother Lloyd used him as the proverbial cannon fodder for back-garden games; Don preferred his father’s sport, basketball, hockey, and cycling. California, with its outdoor facilities, hosted several tennis tournaments for young players, called ‘peewees’ and Don, aged fifteen, was chivvied by his parents and brother into entering the California State Championships.

Early carrier of Don Budge

Don Budge won his first national title, the U.S. doubles, with C. Gene Mako in 1936. The next year he gained the British and U. S singles championships, the British doubles (with Mako), and the British mixed doubles (with Sarah Palfrey Fabyan). Delighted by this unexpected success. Don devoted more time to tennis and began to discipline himself towards becoming a champion. That aim was accelerated by a growing friendship with Sydney Wood, the 1931 Wimbledon champion.


Wood, at 19 years 243 days, had become Wimbledon’s second youngest champion in strange circumstances. Wood was a nephew of the president of the USLTA, Julian Myrick, who worked unceasingly to develop the Forest Hills complex, and was a prime mover in the construction of the center as a national tennis base. Don moved east in 1933 on elevation to the national squad. He used to relax in the evening ‘sitting in’ on the drums with Benny Goodman and Tommy Dorsey – shyness very much a thing of the past.


The pair worked hard on Don’s game, instilling a soundness and technique previously missing. Initially shy and a baseline player, Don developed a backhand that would be copied by teaching professionals down the years. In 1933 Don Budge made his first trip to Wimbledon. He stunned the British by beating Bunny Austin to reach the semifinals in which he was beaten by Gottfried von Cramm. Doubles partner and close friend Gene Mako helped Budge into the semifinals of the doubles.

Don Budge

America regained the Davis Cup

Don Budge made his Davis Cup debut in 1935. The Americans had not won the cup since 1926 and Budge was looked upon as the new patron saint of lost causes. The Americans reached the final, only to lose 5-0 to Britain at Wimbledon, but when Don beat Gottfried von Cramm, then world No. 2, in an earlier round, it was obvious that the Americans had a new champion in the nineteen-year-old redhead.

In 1936 Don Budge climbed to No. 3 in the world rankings, courtesy of another semifinal at Wimbledon he lost to Fred Perry in four sets, and an appearance in the final of the US Open, where Perry beat him 10-8 in the fifth, after Don had held two match points. But the Don -Mako combination in the doubles clinched his first major.

Don Budge won all three events at Wimbledon in 1937. Dismissing Gottfried von Cramm 6-3, 6-4, 6-2, in the singles final. At Forest Hills von Cramm put up sterner resistance before capitulating 6-1 in the final set, and Don went on to claim the mixed doubles final and reach the final of the men’s doubles. America regained the Davis Cup with a 4-1 win at Wimbledon.

Wimbledon was an embarrassment. Don won the singles without dropping a set in the whole fortnight. In the mixed doubles, the same statistic prevailed with Alice Marble, the US champion. In a mini Grand Slam. Don and Mako reached the doubles final also without dropping a set, then slipped up 6-3 in the second set of the final, end route to a four-set win. In the meantime Don Budge had quietly collected the French and Australian singles titles. Neither the Australian, John Bromwich nor the Czech Menzel, could take a set in the respective finals. History was made and America retained the Davis Cup.

Game to United States

The 6-foot 3-inch Budge enjoyed the Davis Cup and the theme ‘Game to United States’ as opposed to ‘Game to Don Budge.’ By the end of 1938, Don had played in eleven Davis Cup ties, winning nineteen out of twenty-one singles and six of eight doubles.

Immediately after the Grand Slam Budge turned professional. He went on a world tour with Ellsworth Vines, the 1932 Wimbledon champion, who had joined the paid ranks four years earlier. Don won the series 21-18 and refused to practice on indoor courts.

Amateur career of Don Budge

Don Budge cut short his amateur career in late 1938 when he joined the professional ranks. He was U. S. national professional singles champion in 1940 and 1942 and won several doubles championships. Budge was elected to the National Lawn Tennis Hall of Fame in 1964.

Greatness of Donald Budge in Tennis

In 1938, the year Don Budge made history by winning the tennis grand slam -the Australian, British, French, and United States singles championships. This feat was not duplicated until 1962 by Rod Laver of Australia. Don Budge broke a tennis barrier. Like the four-minute mile and the ascent of Everest, lawn tennis had its unobtainable: the Grand Slam, winning the world’s four major tournaments the Australian, French, US, and Wimbledon championships – in the same year. There were difficulties not apparent today: travel to Australia, especially for Europeans, was tedious, and the French, true to tradition, only decided to let overseas players compete in their championships after 1924.


1938 was historic. Don Budge conquered the Australian and French Championships, becoming the first player to win all four majors consecutively. He then dominated Wimbledon again, winning both singles and mixed doubles without dropping a set.


Don Budge passed away on January 26, 2000, at the age of 84. He was in Scranton, Pennsylvania at the time of his death. The cause of death was cardiac arrest following injuries sustained in a car accident a month prior.


Don Budge’s rise to tennis stardom was nothing short of meteoric. From a shy teenager to a champion who redefined the game, Budge’s story is one of dedication, talent, and an unyielding spirit. His 1938 Grand Slam achievement stands as a testament to his dominance, forever etching his name in tennis history. Budge’s journey began unexpectedly. Despite initial interest in other sports, a chance encounter with tennis competitions ignited a passion that would transform him. With unwavering support from mentors and sheer determination, Budge honed his skills, particularly his now-legendary backhand.


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